Vampires are immortal beings who are only able to be killed in 4 ways: Sunlight Exposure, Eating or touching Garlic, A wooden stake being driven through their heart or the Caveat Vamptor Curse).

Description Edit

Vampires have pale, white skin, red eyes, and have fangs. Vampires wear gothic, aristocratic clothing, mainly black. Vampires can't cast reflections and are also only able to go outside at night. They can use the Amulet Of Lost Souls and The Stone Of Attamon to become humans.

Clans Edit

Vampires live in clans in dark places like crypts and mausoleums and usually sleep in coffins or hang upside-down like bats. We only see one clan in the movie which is the Scotland Clan, lead by Count Fredrick Sackville-Bagge and Countess Freda Sackville-Bagge.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight: Vampires are able to levitate and fly.
  • Immortality: Vampires are immortal and never age, get sick, or die.
  • "'Shapeshifting'": Vampires are able to transform into Bats.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Sunlight: Vampires get burned by sunlight.