Elizabeth McAshton

Elizabeth McAshton was the ancestor of Lord mcashton. When Von Sackville-Bagg was brought in by a Merchant Ship, she went to see if she could find casualties. There, she met a man but no mortal man. He was a vampire. Elizabeth had feelings for the vampire (Von) and covered him with her coat of arms. Von rise and bit her. Elizabeth and Von fell in love and became lovers. After the attack on the vampire gathering, Von and Elizabeth tried to escape to Tony's future home. However, priests (Scottish Priests/Vampire Hunters) grabbed Von and burned him. They fried him to death with torches and weakened him with the cross. Von died there. Elizabeth retreated to Tony's bedroom and hid The Stone Of Attamon under the floor boards. Then was staked.


Marrying Von (head of clan)

Hiding the stone

being staked by her fellow McAshtons.